Ipswich Wildlife Group


Ipswich Wildlife Group (IWG) is a registered charity relying entirely on volunteers to carry out practical wildlife conservation. Our aim is to promote interest in, and conservation of, wildlife and habitats in and around Ipswich for the benefit of the local environment and people.

We hold regular work sessions to carry out conservation tasks at woodlands, waterways and green spaces around the town. No special skills are required – we will teach you.

We bid for grants to improve wildlife and green areas around the town.

We aim to stimulate interest in wildlife conservation in young people by working with schools, youth groups and at local events.

We work closely with the Greenways Project, Friends of Belstead Brook Park and other local groups with similar aims.

We concentrate on member involvement in practical work parties rather than meetings – we are a working group not a talking shop.


News of IWG events, activities and campaigns appear in the Local Wildlife News magazine along with news from other local conservation organisations. Published three times a year, IWG members receive a copy by email and printed copies are available from all Ipswich libraries, Christchurch Park, Holywells Park, local nature reserves and the Greenways office on Stoke Park Drive.

For the very latest up-to-date news visit the Ipswich Wildlife Group Facebook page.

What We Do

Beanpoles and pea sticks

Woodland Management

Spring Wood is a rare and valuable ancient woodland and we try to manage it in the way it has been by man for hundreds of years. In the past the coppiced hazel would have been used for building shelters for people and livestock, for fencing and for fuel. Today we make use of the cut poles to supply to gardeners and allotment holders as beanpoles and the trimmings are utilised as pea sticks. These can be ordered through the Ipswich Wildlife Group Facebook page..

Our regular monthly work parties led by Gerry Donlon, turn their attention to coppicing the dense hazel from autumn through to spring. The group meet on the third Sunday of the month from 10am to 1pm.

Wildlife Homes

We have a weekly session in a well-equipped workshop where a group of members use basic woodworking skills to saw and drill, mostly recycled wood, into kits to make nest boxes for birds, bugs and hedgehogs. These kits are finally put together by visitors to local wildlife events that we attend.

This is an excellent way of involving the public in practical conservation as, supplied with hammer and nails, they build the boxes themselves then take them home to help the wildlife in their garden.

(L-R) Hedgehog Home, Bug Hotel, Bird Box
Managing the undergrowth

River Work Party

Alderman Canal is a little-known waterway in the heart of Ipswich adjacent to Portman Road stadium. On the first Saturday of each month members meet to help conserve and improve the area around the canal by keeping pathways clear and litter free, managing the undergrowth and caring for the massive array of southern marsh orchids. We also maintain footpaths alongside the River Gipping in the town.

Wildlife Allotment

We have a plot on the Belstead Allotment Field that we work with wildlife in mind. In addition to growing vegetables and soft fruit we also manage flowering shrubs, a nectar-rich wildflower patch, bird feeders, a bug hotel and a pond.
Fruit trees and vegetables
Jen Jousiffe awarded the "Green Hero" award


We keep an eye on planning applications for development buildings that may affect the well-being of wildlife sites around the town and if necessary will campaign to make our voice heard.

A few years back we did just that and successfully saved Kiln Meadow, Belstead from being built over by a housing development. IWG member Jen Jousiffe was awarded the ‘Green Hero’ award by Suffolk County Council’s ‘Suffolk the Greenest County’ project for her part in the IWG campaign.


We attend various events around the town to help promote local wildlife conservation. These include public events in local parks organised by Ipswich Borough Council and we attend the Suffolk Show in the Suffolk Wildlife Trust area. We also join fellow volunteers from Greenways Countryside Project and Friends of Belstead Brook Park, in joint work party events that we call Megabashes. Occasionally we organise member events visiting local nature reserves, mushroom identification and morning chorus bird walks.
Ipswich Wildlife Group Event

Come and Join Us

You can join in any of our activities if you choose, or you can just show your support.

We keep in touch with an email newsletter every month.

Your membership will be rewarding for you and of great value to us.

Each member gives IWG more influence and credibility – the more members we have the greater our voice when calling for a fair deal for threatened local wildlife sites. It also increases our chances of successful grant applications to improve sites around the town.

To join us just email your contact details to our Secretary.

It’s fun! It’s healthy! It’s important!